3/4 Set (40-50 LPE) £45

Full Set (70+ LPE) £60

Glamorous Set (90+ LPE) £75

“Signature Set” Classic & Volume Mix (110+ LPE) £90

Elleebana Lash Lift w Tint £55


Infills are required to maintain a full appearance to your extensions. It’s recommended to schedule a refill every 2-4 weeks to replace the lashes that have shed or outgrown naturally.

45 minutes (2 weeks) £25

1 hour (3 weeks) £35

1 hour 15 min (4 weeks) £45

Removals £20

*To ensure you get the most out of your appointment it is essential you do not wear any eye makeup. This affects the adhesive and the bond to your lashes, which means they wont last as long!

**Important information regarding refills

Natasha’s Lashes isn’t always able to refill the works from other technicians due to the quality of the application. Unfortunately, I see a lot of extensions that haven’t been applied correctly (clumpy, too much adhesive etc) and they are impossible to remove.  If you have had extensions applied by another technician, please let me know and we can discuss whether they will need to be removed and a new set applied. I am more than happy to refill the work of another lash artist as long as they are applied correctly.

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